torsdag 1 januari 2015

Some alternatives for Life, The Universe and Everything

Temporary display of graphic material here. May be expanded to a proper post, eventually.

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Old Earth Creationists likely consider the fossil record as support for their claims. Many main groups of organisms have a strong presence in the fossil record over long times, whereas the transitions may appear tenuous (left image). Old earth creationists believe that organisms have been created and disappeared at different times during the history of the Earth, and that each organism represents a separate creation with no evolution between groups (right image).

Science is in many ways like a puzzle. The ultimate goal is of course to fit pieces together to a greater whole. But in most cases any given piece can also be studied apart from the others.

Different dates for mitochondrial Eve can be obtained from different DNA substitution rates based on phylogenetic comparisons and pedigree-based estimates, respectively...